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Almost anyone these days can throw together 140 characters and call it a tweet. However, to take advantage of Twitter for maximal business outcome there are lots of tried and true content sources all set to be utilized. In this article I will discuss simple strategies to make use of quality content material for your tweets.

Answers — Think about important questions your customers and prospects asked you this past working week. Or possibly they're the recurring issues you have already taken care of on the frequently asked questions page of your blog. To get going, develop a selection of questions, and answer them in your tweets individually — paying specific focus on the most pertinent at this point. For instance, consider seasonal things, present rates and price cuts, promotions and sales or extensively asked how-to’s in your own market and sector. Store the list and add on it as you go along. Something you don’t make use of this week will make greater meaning a little while from right now.

Behind the Scenes — Some consider this sort of content sharing as the “insider’s viewpoint of your business,” where you have the opportunity to present revisions with regards to the jobs and work you’re actively associated with. You might also make use of behind the scenes as an opportunity to greet the latest customer or to promote any kind of interesting development. Give visitors or enthusiasts an inside view of your company.

Daily Deals — Make use of tweets to declare a daily deal you’re marketing or one you’ve signed on with Groupon (or any other daily deal site) by putting out a message to achieve ideal attention.

Factoid — These sorts of tweets are the succinct numbers that influence your industry or are up-to-date issues which can be newsworthy for all kinds of reasons. They exhibit your company’s commitments and motivators, and add identity to your organization. This is a good technique for a business that deals in an industry with negative connotations, such as credit card processors that cater to the high risk merchant processing niche or an alternative lender who provides hard money loans in New Jersey.

Guide — Customers may well be new to Twitter, social networking and blogs. Customers you get when you obtain followers for Twitter will be new to your business. You can utilize your tweets so that you can coach them about the procedure and combine your blog posts with your Twitter text messages. Twitter posts themselves can be instructing methods with regards to social media marketing.

Keywords — Site content, and print content for that matter, has often been about the use of keywords. Twitter is no exception. Superior Twitter content material utilizes on-topic key phrases and information. Make a list of keywords which best describe your business and field. Employ those key phrases while you prepare your 140-character tweets. Think quality instead of quantity. Make every single word and tweet count.

Live Events — Tweeting regarding live events fits Twitter just like a glove. The immediacy to getting out communications with regards to start times is especially useful in the corporate world, especially when you’re at a live seminar or managing a live web conference. Giving follow-up tweets with regards to a conference can also be a superb way for web seminar hosts to answer inquiries that could perhaps not have been completely dealt with during the event. Like Twitter, Instagram is a great way to connect with customers and potential customers. Make sure you take plenty of pictures at your events and post them to your Instagram account.

Opinion — Including opinions in tweets is an efficient technique to make it possible for your clients and followers to learn a great deal more about you and your enterprise. Opinion tweets are seen as short editorials. To illustrate, if your system is good for the environment, you could provide green-oriented content which share things beyond your services or products. It’s important to convey the image you want to become noted for.

Photos — There are times when an image is more effective compared with words. One sector that makes use of photos a lot is real estate. How good it would be for people checking out homes not only to hear about an open house taking place in their community but also to see a picture of the home?

Quotes — Business tweets can be inspiring. They might inspire and affect thinking by employing some of your best quotes. There are websites that identify renowned quotes by theme, and by searching for "quotes," you’ll uncover countless websites to select from. Also you can use a quotation from a magazine or book you’ve been browsing.


SkinnyMe TalkingAlarm ZipPuzzle pics

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you'll want to check out the website of the source of a few interesting, innovative iApps — Fortuisoft.

Need a little motivation to lose weight? Try SkinnyMe. Aim your iPhone's camera at yourself and use this iApp to adjust the "skinny factor" while viewing the live camera feed to zero in on the perfect you. Seeing just what you'd look like after shedding some weight will give you the kick you need to stick with that diet!

Need a little help waking up? Having trouble adjusting your sleepy eyes to see the clock? TalkingAlarm is the talking alarm clock app that does what you expect it to do, and is fully configurable to your needs. Just tap anywhere on your iPhone to hear the time. Tap it anywhere to snooze. Tap it anywhere to cancel the alarm. You can even select the Sleep and/or Alarm music from your iPod library.

If you want an interesting little diversion, check out one of the several versions of the ZipPuzzle iApp. ZipPuzzle is a challenging, full-featured picture puzzle. The free version gives you an opportunity to try the ZipPuzzle experience with four included puzzles. Up the fun with the full version — it has 16 or 20 puzzles included, and the capability to create you own puzzles from pictures in your device's library. If you have an iPad, you'll want ZipPuzzle HD. Puzzle images are rendered in stunning full-HD resolution. The larger pieces make even the 8x12 Extreme difficulty level an enjoyable challenge without requiring eye strain. ZipPuzzle video brings motion to puzzles, using the same puzzle engine as ZipPuzzle — but the puzzle is a video loop, with each puzzle piece being a (moving) portion of the entire video!

All three iApps are available now, at the iTunes store. Search the store for SkinnyMe, TalkingAlarm, or ZipPuzzle. Or, simply do one search for fortuisoft to see all versions of all three iApps.